How One Small Business Owner From Upstate NY Grew 65% In One Year Even After Being In Deep Debt, Behind On His Taxes and Stuck In Flat Growth For Years...

And He Did It With Just One Sheet Of Paper

Here's how you can start achieving the same kind of success in YOUR business in one hour or less...

Dear Fellow Business Owner,

When I met Garret, things were really tough for him.

He was working 60+ hours a week in his business but he wasn’t growing. In fact, his business had been flat for the last few year, despite 10 years of hard work, blood, sweat and tears.

Add to that, he had a pesky tax problem that wouldn’t go away.

And his credit line was maxed out so he couldn’t take on big new clients even if he wanted to.

In short, he was stuck and he couldn’t figure out how to get unstuck.

Being Stuck Is A Symptom Of A Bigger Problem

Garret’s problem wasn’t that he wasn’t trying hard. It was that he trying too many of the wrong things and not enough of the right things.

That’s when he reached out to me about completing his very first strategic plan.

We spent a day together, redefining what the most important things in his business were.

We clarified his vision and his reason for building a business.

And we simplified his world to just five areas of focus.

Yes, You Really Can Grow Faster When You Are Focused On Only The Right Things

And, almost as soon as we got his areas of focus laid out, he got unstuck.

Here is what he said in his three-page letter to me:

“My decisions are based off that plan we came up with that day.. My decisions are now easy, clear and if it matches our vision and goals we do it.. If not we pass..

Our whole life put into one simple sheet of paper. Our vision, our goals, our beliefs, our trackable items... We focused, we gained confidence.. We became a laser beam that will stop at nothing short of our goal.”

And, Garret’s company grew 65% that first year. He paid off his debt and this taxes that first year, too.

And he has grown 400% in the three years since. 

In addition to the extra money, he now also enjoys:

  • 20-hour work weeks so he can spend time on his passion of volunteer firefighting.
  • Long, enjoyable vacations with his wife and family
  • His role as advisor to his peers who now seek out his council where they used to ignore him when he was a “small fry”
  • A staff of employees who manage his business for him
  • The security of a growing and vibrant business even in a tough retail environment
  • And much, much more...

I’ve taken the exact training I put Garret through and put it all online, on demand for you.

Imagine having this for yourself:

  • All the money you want for fun, college, retirement and more so you can relax
  • A company that you are excited about again so you can enjoy life more
  • Your debts paid off so you never have to worry again about cash flow
  • Tons of money in your savings and retirement accounts so you have peace of mind about the future
  • The esteem of your peers so you can hold your head high at industry events
  • Free time to enjoy your hobbies and your family so you feel in control again
  • Extra money to donate to charities you care about so you can give back and feel great

Isn’t that why you started the business in the first place?

You Can Achieve That And More With Just One Sheet Of Paper And One Hour 

The Simple Strategic Plan walks you through every single step of creating your own one-page plan for growth and focus.

Simply watch the short videos, fill in the one-page workbooks and create your own perfectly customized plan in just one hour.

Here's Everything You Get In Your Simple Strategic Plan...

  • Simple Strategic Plan One-Page Template

    Just fill in the boxes and you have the perfect one-page strategic plan to grow your business quickly and easily.

  • The Quarterly Project Template

    Discover the secret to making those key areas of focus and change simple and easy to accomplish with this 5-minute template.

  • Weekly Task Template

    Stay focused and on task across multiple projects and multiple team members with this simple to use template. Spend 10 minutes with it once a quarter and get ALL your projects done on time and on budget.

  • Complete Video Training Series

    Watch these short (10 min or less) videos to discover the most effective way to create your Simple Strategic Plan in record time. PLUS get tons of samples and ideas for a fast start.

  • One-Page Workbooks

    Fill in these one-page workbooks to fully customize your plan to your exact business, market, industry and needs. Fast and easy to use. Just download and complete.

This course is available on our website for $397.

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And I want to reward you for your actions.

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Of course Garret isn’t the only person to see success like you will. Here are some other client stories…

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Here’s to YOUR success,

Laura Posey


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