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"I used to think I delivered good sales presentations until I learned all the things I was missing. Now I'm closing more deals than ever."

Laura Posey, Business Strategist

"I've been in sales over 20 years and, truthfully, I thought I was a pretty good presenter. Then I saw Anne Miller's work on how to do great sales presentations and I realized I was missing so much. After using her ideas and well thought out processes, I'm closing more than ever!"


Get the complete Simple Sales Presentation Plan system now! Retails for $397.00. 

The system includes everything you need to create your own Simple Sales Presentation Plan and close more deals than ever before.

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“Competing against five of our toughest competitors, we won the $83 million investment account. What a valuable training session!

- Director, Key Asset Management

“Our work paid off immediately, as presentations to multiple CMOs and other senior marketing leaders resulted in some business wins.

- Vice President/Director, True Action, an eBay Inc. Company

Here is what you get in The Simple Sales Presentation Plan

Short, easy-to-read text → Get in-depth learning

Fill-in-the-blank workbook → Turn learning into doing

Engaging videos → Watch anywhere on any device

Real-life sample plans → Learn from others' successful plans

Full-color templates → Make your plan look professional

Check out these powerful, life-changing modules...

Introduction - Learn how to present the simple way - quickly and easily. In this module, you will learn why buyers are harder than ever to convince and what you can do to combat their resistance. You'll also discover how understanding human psychology can dramatically impact your presentation outcomes.

Planning - The better you plan, the better you present. In this module you will learn how to get inside your buyer's head and learn exactly what he needs to get from your presentation. You'll also explore and document what you need most from this meeting so you can ensure your outcomes meet your goals.

Get Them At Hello - The success or failure of your sales presentation can hinge on the first few sentences you speak. In this module, you'll learn the bullet-proof framework for creating an opening that locks in your buyers' attention and grips their imagination.

The Creative Touch - A boring presentation = no deal. But being creative doesn't mean you have to be a tech wizard or have a design department behind you. Learn how to engage the buyer's right brain with seven sure-fire, low-tech, no-cost strategies to make your buyer sit up and take notice.

The Middle - From Dull To Dazzling - The middle of a presentation, where you present your information, can be deadly dull if you're not careful. In this module, you'll learn how to transform even the most mundane facts into a presentation that has your buyer asking for more.

The Summary - Moving To Next Steps - In every sales cycle, your presentation has to compel your buyer to take the next step, whether that is to schedule another meeting, review your contract or even buy on the spot. Learn how to create a summary that gets your buyer to do whatever you want, exactly when you want him to.

Visuals That Work - They say a picture is worth a thousand words. So, are you using the right pictures to get your point across? In this module learn the psychological secrets of how to use the right visuals in the right place at the right time.

Don't Shoot Yourself In The Foot - Are you committing one of these seven deadly sins of presenting? Find out what they are and how to prevent them in this compelling module.

Control Those Jitters - Even the most seasoned salesperson can get nervous from time to time. Learn the key strategies you need to know to eliminate performance jitters at the four most common times in the presentation process.

Handling Questions With Confidence - What happens when you do a perfect presentation and still get resistance or difficult questions at the end? In this module, you'll learn how to confidently handle anything they throw at you.

Presenting Online Or On The Phone - With face-to-face meetings getting scarcer, you need to know how to keep a buyer's attention on a web or phone conference. In this module, you will learn how to easily keep your buyer focused on you rather than on playing solitaire or checking email.


Plus You Receive...These Great Features To Ensure Your Success

Learn At YOUR Pace

Each new module of information is delivered only when you are ready. That means you never get behind on your learning or overwhelmed by too much, too fast.

Instant Access

Your Simple Sales Presentation Plan is delivered right away via our secure sign-in. You’ll develop via your plan using reading, workbooks, templates and training videos.

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You will also become part of The Simple Plan community where you can share ideas, ask questions and learn from other business professionals just like you.


On top of all this, you receive a special, FREE BONUS!

Take your learning even further with "No One Hears Your Pounding Heart - The Ultimate Guide To Presentation Confidence" containing over 50 strategies for presenting with strength and comfort.


"I am seeing my sales numbers grow dramatically, I am winning more tough accounts, and my confidence in my ability as a sales person has greatly improved. This program is the real deal.”

- Salesperson, Online Company

“I’ve been to a lot of training programs and yours was the best!”

Chief Revenue Officer, MediaMath


Get the complete Simple Sales Presentation Plan system now! Retails for $397.00.

The system includes everything you need to create your own Simple Sales Presentation Plan and close more deals than ever before.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does this program work for presenters in all industries?

YES! We have clients in industries ranging from retail store operations to business-to-business products and services and even multi-level marketing.

Our clients work in both big ticket B2B product sales such as software as well as in service industries such as accounting, finance and consulting.

Does this program work for people in really small companies?

YES! We have many clients who are one-person organizations or individual salespeople. They love the program as it helps them close the deals they need to hit their goals.

I'm not a full-time salesperson. Will the program be useful to me?

YES! We have many clients who are not full-time salespeople. They use these great strategies to present to colleagues, board members and anyone they need to influence and get agreement from.

How many users can I have for one program?

If you are an entrepreneur, you can use the plan with your whole company at no extra charge.

Additionally, if you volunteer with a non-profit and want to use the plan to help out there, you can do so with our blessing at no charge. We fully support non-profits!

How do I get the materials for the program?

Once you purchase the program, you will receive login instructions to our members-only website. There you will find all of the modules laid out one at a time. Each module contains a video and downloadable book and workbook.

You get instant access PLUS you have lifetime login rights so you can use your plan year after year.

How long will it take to complete the program?

If you work straight through, it will take about 3-4 hours to complete your plan the first time.

Each module takes about 20 minutes to complete and there are 10 modules. You can complete them at your own pace. If you get distracted and forget to complete a module, we will remind you. We guarantee you will complete your plan!