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"Here is how I turned a one-time $3000 sale into over $264,000 in recurring business with just one relationship."

Laura Posey, Business Strategist

"I used to struggle, chasing small deals all the time. Then, I learned the secrets of building relationships with C-Level Executives who can say "YES!" to my biggest proposals.

Let me show you how to make big sales and big commissions, too"

Making sales every day is hard work.

You know the drill.

Pound the pavement, make the calls, and chase the prospects day after day. Even if your pipeline and appointment calendar are full, you are still facing a day of prospects who are going to tell you "No" or, worse, "I have to talk to my boss about that."

So, you add those people to your "follow up" file and keep calling and asking for the sale until 1) you get tired of calling or 2) they stop answering your calls.

And tomorrow will be more of the same.

But you can make selling easier and get bigger deals

and bigger commissions.

Why not skip chasing the people with no authority and no money and go directly to the prospects who can say "YES!" and who have control of the checkbook?

Those are the C-Level Executives.

Think CEO, CFO, CMO, CTO, and others. These top-level executives control their companies and they have the power to buy big deals from you, resulting in big commissions in your pocket.

But, as you know, these high-powered executives can be difficult to reach and even harder to build relationships with. They are busy people with packed schedules and lots of responsibilities.

However, there is a proven process to get appointments with C-Level Executives and to build strong, lasting relationships with them.

The Simple Executive Engagement Plan is the simplest, easiest way to get connected to C-Level Executives and keep their attention and trust for the long-haul.

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With The Simple Executive Engagement Plan you will:

  • Make BIGGER sales than ever before

  • Earn BIGGER commission checks regularly

  • Generate BIGGER referrals to other C-Level Executives

  • ELIMINATE "I have to talk to my boss" forever!

  • Start running with POWERFUL, MOVERS AND SHAKERS in your industry

  • Gain the RESPECT OF THE TOP LEADERS in your field

  • RADIATE CONFIDENCE in every appointment

  • Become the 'GO-TO PERSON' in your niche

  • Sell to the BIG BUYERS while your competition is fighting over crumbs at the bottom

"Using these techniques, we landed over $44million in new sales!"

Jim T., Technology Sales Rep

"By connecting with the right C-Level Executives and following this process, we doubled our business in just six months. Thanks!"

Susan R., Consulting Client

Here is what you get in The Simple Executive Engagement Plan

  • You get your materials delivered immediately, via our online course system.

  • That means you always have the most up-to-date information and it is completely reusable for any engagement.

  • You get lifetime access to all of the course materials so even if you change jobs or industries, you can use the program over and over.

  • Your online course is delivered module-by-module so you never get behind and feel overwhelmed by the learning.

  • Each module is short and easy to complete. That means you can easily fit them into your hectic schedule whenever you want.

  • The program is completely portable so you can watch the training videos wherever you are, on any device. The materials can be downloaded and printed so you can take them with you in the car, on a plane or even at home.

  • We know you are busy. Even when you really want to learn and improve, it can be easy to forget to move forward. No worries! You'll receive timely reminders to make progress on your plan if you get stalled for awhile.

  • We will stick with you as long as it takes to complete and implement your Simple Executive Engagement Plan.

  • You WILL complete the course and use it! Guaranteed!

Short, easy-to-read text → Know exactly what to do at every step

Fill-in-the-blank workbook → Take action on every idea

Engaging videos → Watch anywhere, on any device

Real-life sample examples → Copy directly from proven techinques

Full-color templates → Never miss a step and guarantee your success!

Check out these powerful, life-changing modules...


Introduction - Learn how to plan the simple way - quickly and easily. Traditional planning takes countless hours and leaves you with a huge pile of papers. Simple planning takes far less time and you can do it on only one sheet of paper.


Discover Your Target - It doesn't help to build a relationship with the wrong person. In this module, you'll learn how to identify the perfect person to say YES to your proposals. You'll also walk through a series of workbook exercises to ensure you have the right person in the right place.


Identify The Why - Every C-Level Executive has their own hot buttons that you must know before you even think about connecting. In this module, answer the questions listed to identify exactly why this prospect would want to meet with you so you guarantee a warm reception.


Conduct Effective Research - Ok, that sound hard and boring, right? But it doesn't have to be! Learn how to do the research necessary to captivate a C-Level Executive's attention and do it without spending hours online googling websites.


Create A Strategy - Without a great strategy, a C-Level Executive will toss you out on your ear. In this module, walk step-by-step through how to create a simple, easy-to-use strategy that your executive will love to engage with.


Secure The Appointment - Want to learn how to get appointments with hard-to-reach executives who are guarded by a formidable assistant? Then you want to get to this module where you will learn the right ways to get in the door of the top office.


Prepare For The Meeting - With a little bit of time and the right process, you can make meeting preparation painless and quick. This module shows you exactly what to bring (and what to leave behind) to make your first executive meeting a raging success!


Engage After The Appointment - Ah, follow up - every salesperson's nightmare. It doesn't have to be, though. With this module, you'll learn the best way to keep your C-Level Executive engaged with you and wanting more without being a pest or working yourself to death.


Executive Briefing Letters - C-Level Executives are busy people and they like summaries. In this module, you will get a perfectly worded executive briefing letter template that you can use to follow up with your key contacts. Don't waste time doing it yourself when we've done the work for you!


Competitive Analysis - Is your C-Level Executive talking to other people? If so, you might need to do a competitive analysis to show him how you are the best choice. In this module, you'll receive a turn-key competitive analysis template that you can customize quickly to demonstrate your value over the competition.


Strategic Planning Needed? - If your C-Level Executive is a super big dog, you might just need a strategic plan to get and hold his attention. No problem - in this module you'll learn exactly how to do a plan that makes it easy on you and powerful for your executive.


Summary and Wrap Up - Do you want a simple, fill-in-the-blank template that you can use for each executive engagement that sums up all the key points and actions so you never miss a step? That's exactly what you get in this module. One simple document that you can use over and over to guarantee you've dotted your i's and crossed your t's. You only get one shot at a first impression - MAKE IT COUNT!


Plus You Receive...These Great Features To Ensure Your Success

Learn At YOUR Pace

Each new module of information is delivered only when you are ready. That means you never get behind on your learning or overwhelmed by too much, too fast.

Instant Access

Your Simple Executive Engagement Plan is delivered right away via our secure sign in. You’ll develop via your plan using reading, workbooks, templates and training videos.

Connect and Share

You will also become part of The Simple Plan community where you can share ideas, ask questions and learn from other entrepreneurs just like you.

"Lisa took my disjointed and ineffective marketing efforts and transformed them into a comprehensive marketing plan that is producing results I never would have seen otherwise. I've also had the opportunity to recommend her to other business colleagues and they couldn't be happier!"

Mike P., President, Print/Mail Consultants

"Lisa is the person you want to work with when it comes to developing a winning strategy. Lisa's experience in complex transactions provided our sales team with a perspective that helped us differentiate ourselves and ultimately earn the business."

Brian W., Senior Manager, Ricoh


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Learn exactly how to get in front of the C-Level executives you want to meet.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does this program work for salespeople in all industries?

YES! We have clients in industries ranging from technology to financial services.

Our clients work in both physical product companies such as software and furniture as well as service and intangibles such as accounting and financial services.

Does this program work for really small companies?

YES! We have many clients who are one-person organizations. They love the program as it helps them create a simple process to engage with even huge clients.

I personally used this system to engage with a multi-billion dollar company when I was a one-person consulting company.

I'm a business owner. Will the program be useful to me?

YES! If you have salespeople in your company or you are the salesperson for your company and you want to connect with and get business from high-level executives, you need this program.

How many users can I have for one program?

If you are an entrepreneur, you can use the plan with your whole company at no extra charge.

Additionally, if you volunteer with a non-profit and want to use the plan to help out there, you can do so with our blessing at no charge. We fully support non-profits!

How do I get the materials for the program?

Once you purchase the program, you will receive login instructions to our members-only website. There you will find all of the modules laid out one at a time. Each module contains a video and downloadable book and workbook.

You get instant access PLUS you have lifetime login rights so you can use your plan year after year.

How long will it take to complete the program?

If you work straight through, it will take about 3-4 hours to complete your plan the first time.  After that, you'll spend less time for each new prospect as you'll have a lot of the basics in place. Just use your Engagement Builder Template and fill in any new information that is relevant to the new prospect.

Each module takes about 20 minutes to complete and there are 12 modules. You can complete them at your own pace. If you get distracted and forget to complete a module, we will remind you. We guarantee you will complete your plan!

Get the Simple Executive Engagement Plan system for just $397!

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